WOD 2017-04-19

By CrossFit Secaucus | In WOD | on April 18, 2017

Warm up Game

EVERY BODY IS IT!!! for 8-10 min

In order to prepare for the game, coaches will map out a small space relative to the amount of athletes about to play and make everything outside of that space into lava. Once the game begins, then everyone is it! If you are tagged by anyone then you have to drop and do 3 burpees to get back in the game.

PVC mobility

Skill: EMOM 12 mins
odd: 4 HSPU
even: 6-8 Shoulder tap or 4-6 hip-taps

Skill: double under practice


EMOM 16 min

odd: 25 Double under or 16 double w/singles
even: 7 T2b or 7 K2E


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