CrossFit Corporate Wellness Program

The CrossFit Secaucus team strongly believes in the power of fitness. A healthy CrossFit lifestyle will improve mental strength substantially as well as physical strength.   We focus on the social and teamwork components that our group classes bring to the community and will bring to your working environment. We offer the only team building programming in the area that is catered to your company and employee needs. Help your employees now by providing them with a fitness program that will help your bottom line.


Benefits of Our CrossFit Program

•  Corporate profitability increases with greater worker productivity and lower cost

•  Healthier employees will decrease the company cost resulting in fewer sick days; decrease absenteeism and most importantly reduce health care cost

•  As a result of healthier employees and boost of productivity, an increase in company profitability will take place

•  CrossFit Secaucus creates a strong bond and sense of community and team building among all employees

•  A better path to effective communication between departments and all levels of the organization.


Why CrossFit Secaucus?

•  Proven track record of our success (Yelp Reviews, Google Reviews)

•  3000 sqft facility

•  Experienced and highly trained full-time trainers

•  We welcome and support all fitness levels

•  Nutritional support for those who want it

•  BootFit Program – We send trainers to your office and work only with body weight movements


Get Your Company Enrolled

We want to help you. Call us at (201) 503-6320 or email us.

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