Gym Etiquette

At CrossFit Secaucus we strive to foster a training environment that is fun, safe, clean and respectful to every member of the community. Accordingly, we have established a set of gym etiquettes to help ensure we can maintain a minimum level of standards.


Welcome new members. In an effort to provide athletes with the best facility, equipment and coaching, new members and visitors are regular part of our thriving community. Make it your responsibility as an athlete to introduce yourself and get acquainted with new and familiar faces. You may just make a new best friend.

No One Left Behind. Although in most WODs, everyone starts together and finishes at their own pace, the WOD isn’t finished until the last athlete completes the workout. Taking a minute to cheer on the remaining athlete(s) rather than rushing out of class goes a long way in building comradery and inspiring others to push harder than they knew they could. Be a cheerleader.

Please bring your friends. There is nothing better than a full class, but we need a heads up. Coaches need to make certain that class is covered, with the addition of a new athlete that may not yet have the competency necessary to perform the WOD without close supervision. For that reason we offer free trial classes every Wednesday at 6:30pm and Saturday. Schedule a bro-sesH.

Respect your fellow athletes. While we encourage sharing of equipment, please make certain that you don’t hijack someone else’s carefully setup station. Additionally, if you borrow someone else’s gear, return it to them when you are done. Further, although we pride ourselves on our community, classes need to run in a timely manner, so make certain that conversations are short enough to complete everything on the board. Don’t ruin someone else’s pump.

Celebrate everyone’s success. As a coach, the only thing better than hitting a new PR on a lift is seeing one of our athletes setting one themselves. You know how hard you train to achieve your goals and the feeling of accomplishment when we succeed; so share in excitement, no matter how trivial the achievement – the good vibes will become infectious.


Respect our coaches. Please pay attention when the Coach is explaining the workout and movements. As previously stated, class time is precious. To ensure efficient and timely pacing of the class, when the Coach asks to “bring it into the board,” this is the time to listen and ask questions once the explanation is complete. Please refrain from loading barbells, grabbing equipment, and discussing plans while the coach is speaking. Although you may already be familiar with the movements, the person next to you may require the refresher and you actions may be disruptive. This goes for athletes in the class and hanging out before and after class.

Scaling for a purpose. Every athlete is different and begins and progresses at different paces. Therefore, scaling is not only recommended, but essential to get improving overall athletic performance. Do not argue with the coach if they recommend to scale a weight or a movement. The coach is trying to keep you safe and moving efficiently as the workout was intended. When in doubt, remember the coach is always right and has your best interest at heart.

Children. Children have their place … in the CrossFit Kids class. While we love you community and its family members and know that a family that trains together stays together, we need your children to be safe. If children must accompany you to a class, they must be able to sit unattended in front or back of the gym. Children are not permitted on the equipment or gym floor during adult classes at any time.

Dropping weights. Do not drop bare bars, bars loaded exclusively with metal plates, or  kettle bells. It is dangerous to you, your neighbor and our equipment.

Ghost-riding. This is the act of completing a rep and then just letting the bar fall from overhead, the front, or behind without any guidance or attempt to control it. The bar may bounce around the floor uncontrollably, which is dangerous to you, your neighbor and our equipment.

Respect your fellow athlete’s space. Be mindful of where you are and what you and others are doing at all times. Don’t walk in someone else’s way – whether it be during kettlebell swings, snatches, burpees, or situps – don’t put yourself or other in danger of being hurt because you are zoning out.

Rest if you need it. Don’t suck it up if you are injured. Let one of the coaches know if you have an injury before the workout. The WOD can be modified, but if you are not medically cleared, you must rest. There is a difference between sharp shooting pains and muscle soreness. Only you know your body. Train smart; short rest periods or days off are better than a six week absence due to injury.


Sign up / sign in; be timely. In order to get the most of your CrossFit experience, athletes need to take advantage of their membership. To do so, each athlete is responsible for scheduling themselves for class through MINDBODY to ensure they have reserved a space in a class. Additionally, upon arriving, athletes must sign in or your spot may be forfeited to another athlete. We are all aware that work, family and life interfere with plans, specifically our much needed CrossFit time, but as adults we are responsible for our schedules and keeping appointments. Regular tardiness is not cool and may be seen as disrespectful to the other athletes that make the necessary accommodations to ensure timely arrival.


Clearing the Air. Good hygiene, makes for a good athlete and an even friendlier community. Showering and deodorant is not just recommended, but required; so too is the regular washing and changing of gym clothes and equipment – wrist wraps, knee wraps, elbow sleeves, etc. Please make sure that you have showered and have used deodorant before you come to the gym in your clean gym clothes.

Clean up your DNA. As CrossFitters, we sweat, we bleed, we cry, we puke. During the heat of the WOD, we can make a real f@cking mess. Germs are nasty and medicine is expensive. Please make certain to wipe down your equipment, the area you sweat in and on, and any tape, towels, band-aids, tissues, napkins, clothes, water bottles and/or shakers. We have Lysol and disinfectant wipes, use them ; we will buy more.



Keep us in the Know. Bring things to our attention. We are amazing coaches and people, but cannot be omniscient. If you notice that something is broken, a light is out; toilet paper, paper towels or soap need refilling, please give us a heads up. We will gladly tend to it immediately.

Clean Up After Yourself (and Others). A clean gym is something to behold. As previously established we need to wipe down our area including all bodily fluids. Additionally, pick up anything you brought and you used – Bands, balls, kettlebells, weights, jump-ropes, you name it. As Coaches and fellow CrossFitters we encourage everyone to pitch in and help clean up after a WOD, but don’t be the person that always runs out and expects someone else to do it. It is rude and disrespectful your fellow athletes.

Keep the Bathrooms Clean. You are not expected to be a janitor, but simple things like throwing your garbage in the garbage containers, and using a paper towel to wipe up water you splashed over the counter or floor, will help keep things fresh longer.

Respect our Equipment and Facility. Please, please, please take care of the equipment. Although things are heavy, they can and do break. Same is true for bands, ropes, 10 & 15 pound bumper plates, and the rowers. Which brings us to dropping weights – Don’t Drop Empty Barbells. Whether an empty barbell, a barbell with metal plates or when stripping weights, barbells are expensive and need to be handled with care. The barbells we use appear to be one solid piece, but are comprised of several different parts with ball bearings. If a ball bearing is dislodged due to abuse, it becomes a $250 paperweight. We have enough paperweights. Plus every time an empty barbell is dropped a kitten dies. Help save the kittens.


Be Positive. And Don’t quit. The WODs are hard; for everyone. We all have our perceived thresholds, but they must be tested and retested on a daily basis for improvement. Your attitude will have a direct effect on your training and the training of those around you. We will all get through it together. Whether you believe you can or believe you can’t, you’re right.


Be Coachable. Ask questions early and often; Pay attention; We want to see you succeed.

Patience. A lot of this CrossFit stuff can be overwhelming and takes thousands of hours to master. Have fun and learn as we progress through the scaling options. Don’t worry about coming in first or last, focus on consistency and improvement. The heavier weights will come and you will get better.

Learn to Count Honestly. If there is one thing that you will learn immediately, it is the importance of counting and keeping track of your reps and numbers for all your lifts. However, in the middle of the WOD, or in an effort to finish early, or finish first, an athlete may be unclear of where they are in relation to finishing or worse yet fudge his or her time or form. Remember integrity is paramount. Everyone knows, so don’t cheat yourself.

Have Standards. Strive to be the best athlete you can be. Show up timely. Train consistently. Use a full range of motion on your movements. Eat clean. Track your goals, PRs and numbers on all your lifts. Ask questions. Offer a helping hand. Rest Repeat.





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