• Yoga is Coming to CrossFit Secaucus

    By CrossFit Secaucus | In Editorial, News | on June 15, 2017

    Starting June 20, we will offer regularly scheduled vinyasa yoga classes on Tuesdays at 8:30pm and Saturdays at 11:30pm. Classes are for beginners and experts. If you interested, send us an email for a free consultation.


    Trainer Profile: Jade Alexis

    Jade is a former NCAA Division 1 basketball athlete, an experienced competitive boxer and a certified instructor for both cycling and yoga. Her fitness resume as both an athlete and an instructor is quite impressive and too long to list for this email.

    Her true passion is yoga, and she has dedicated herself to enhancing the lives and well-being of others through her teaching.

    We’re excited to have Jade Alexis as our latest training staff addition.

    Why CrossFit and Yoga?

    We feel that yoga is the perfect complement to CrossFit training as it has proven benefits for athletes regardless of gender, age or athletic ability. In our new yoga program, you’ll be given cues to correct your biomechanics and opportunities to create muscular strength, endurance and flexibility in desirable ranges of motion. This will translate directly into WOD success naturally as time progresses.

    Adding yoga to your CrossFit routine will help in a multitude of ways:

    • • improved strength, endurance and flexibility
    • • better breathing functioning
    • • better balance and coordination
    • • reduced stress, anxiety, depression and pain
    • • reduced potential for injury and overuse
    • • enhanced recovery
    • • strengthened core stabilizing muscles
    • • improved posture
    • • boosted immunity
    • the list goes on


    Yoga without CrossFit?

    Classes are not limited to CrossFit athletes. We encourage anyone who is interested in vinyasa yoga to come and check out a yoga class.

  • Jeff Wittmer Weightlifting Seminar on Saturday, October 17

    By CrossFit Secaucus | In Editorial, News | on August 26, 2015


    Saturday 10/17/2015,  9:00 am – 4:00 pm


    Crossfit Seacaucus, 333 Meadowlands Pkwy, Secaucus NJ 07094




    Register directly on Jeff Wittmer’s webite


    Class Size: Limited to 20 participants
    Experience Level: Beginner to Expert (everyone gets personal attention from Jeff)


    We are proud to announce the return of the much anticipated Olympic Weightlifting Seminar featuring Jeff Wittmer, a multiple time national champion, Olympic team alternate, and Pan America medalist. Jeff brings 20 years of weightlifting experience to the table and will provide valuable information to CrossFit athletes at any level.

    Please reserve your spot by registering early as the class is expected to book up fast.


    Course Schedule

    9:00AM – 4:00PM

    3 Hours will be spent focusing on the Snatch Progressions along with assistance exercises, a  1 hour lunch break where the staff will put on a high level demonstration,  the final 3 hours will be used for Clean and Jerk progressions along with assistance exercises. The course will feature lecture, demonstrations, along with hands on coaching, and coaching cues.


    Jeff Wittmer Biography

    Jeff began Olympic Weightlifting at the age of 10 in his home basement gym. Jeff’s father, Dr. Michael Wittmer, a former National level competitor himself had Jeff begin lifting weights to improve his ability in other sports. After a few months of training Jeff decided to enter his first meet and from there he had continued success by winning his first 50 competitions. After winning multiple Jr. Nationals after high school graduation he accepted an invitation to the Olympic Training Center in Colorado Springs, CO. He continued to compete throughout his mid-20s with success in national and international competitions.  Jeff also has taught weightlifting classes at local Crossfit gyms and serves as an instructor/demonstrator for Olympic Weightlifting seminars across the country. Most recently, he join the brUTE Strength Training team as head weightlifting coach.


    2 X USAW National Champion (94kg)

    5 X USAW Jr. National Champion

    3 X Collegiate All-American

    3 X Collegiate National Champion

    Pan American Championships Silver/Bronze Medalist

    Sr. World Team Member

    World University Silver Medalist (Clean and Jerk)

    2 X Olympic Trials Participant


    Crossfit Level 1 Certified

    Certified Crossfit Weightlifting Trainer

  • Jeff Wittmer Weightlifting Seminar on Saturday, March 21

    By CrossFit Secaucus | In Editorial, News | on March 12, 2015

    We are proud to exclusively offer the Jeff Wittmer Weightlifting Seminar at CrossFit Secaucus. During the all-day seminar, Jeff Wittmer, an Olympic-level weightlifting competitor, will teach key weightlifting movements that are cruicial in CrossFit, and regardless of your experience level this seminar will be highly beneficial for your advancement. Book your spot for the seminar on Jeff Wittmer’s website now as class size is limited.


    Date: Saturday, March 21
    Time: 9:00 am – 4:00 pm
    Location: 333 Meadowlands Pkwy, Secaucus
    Price: $150/person


    Seminar Overview:


    The first 3 hours are spent focusing on the Snatch Progressions along with assistance exercises, followed by a 1 hour lunch break during which the staff puts on a high-level demonstration. The final 3 hours are dedicated to Clean and Jerk progressions along with assistance exercises. The course features a lecture, demonstrations, along with hands on coaching, and coaching cues.
    If you have any questions, please email us or call us at (201) 503-6320. We look forward to seeing you there.

  • CrossFit Classes Have Started at Our New Gym in Secaucus, NJ

    By CrossFit Secaucus | In Editorial, News | on January 7, 2015

    CrossFit Secaucus is excited to announce the official opening of our new 3,000 sqft. location at 333 Meadowlands Parkway, past the overpass on the right-hand side.


    Soft Opening

    Join us this Saturday, January 10th, for our soft opening event, see our CrossFit class in action, and meet the trainers and current athletes. If you are interested in participating in the workout, please contact us to sign up for one of the free 1-hour trial class held at 10am and 11am. Spots are limited, so contact us now.

    More Fundamentals Classes

    We will have extra sets of fundamental classes for the first 2 weeks starting Monday, January 12th, in order to accommodate all the new athletes. In addition to the regularly scheduled Tuesday/Thursday 8:15pm class, an earlier class is also available at 6:15pm and fundamentals classes are also held on Monday/Wednesday. CrossFit fundamentals classes are limited to 15 athletes per class, and spots are limited. Contact us to register for your fundamentals class today.

    Classes Pre-Sale

    Lastly, we extended the classes pre-sale to Sunday midnight due to popular demand. Many eager athletes have contacted us, and wanted to see the gym and participate in the trial class before taking advantage of the low prices and becoming a CrossFit athlete. This is your chance now! Come by on Saturday and check us out during the soft opening event.



    To all the current athletes, thank you for all the support over the past month. Thanks for showing up to the outdoor classes in the cold, and championing the workouts. And many thanks to all the new athletes that joined CrossFit Secaucus before we even open our new location. It is all of you who kept us going, and we’re looking forward to an amazing experience at CrossFit Secaucus.

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