CrossFit Group classes require a successful completion of the CrossFit Fundamentals course. Rates are determined by the number of classes you participate in each week. We do not require a down payment, nor do we require a long term commitment, only a month at a time.

All class packages, training and services sales are final and non-refundable. A cancellation or auto-renewal holds must be submitted in writing via email 30 days prior to the next billing date.

All reoccurring pricing options must be paid via ACH (bank account draft). Alternatively, credit card payments will be accepted with a 3% convenience fee.


  • CrossFit
  • $75/class
  • Prerequisite for new CrossFitters. Minimum of 4 dedicated personal training fundamental classes.
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  • 12 Classes/Month
  • $15/class
  • $180/month, no contract
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  • 16 Classes/Month
  • $12.50/class
  • $200/month, no contract
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  • 20 Classes/Month
  • $11/class
  • $220/month, no contract
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  • 30 Classes/Month
  • $8.67/class
  • $260/month, no contract
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  • 10 Session Punch Card
  • $199
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  • Drop-in for Single Class
  • $30
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